pattern, closer to nature, 'green out of blue, but better than blue', strengthen the floor will be inspired by solid wood, but its use of performance and environmental Aspects will go beyond the solid wood flooring. At the same time also add new features, such as reducing noise, antibacterial and health care function 'infrared' radiation and other bionic function of the floor. Reporter: Now the store business model will change it? Li Wei: Before and after 1996, China has just begun to rise decoration hot, flooring and other building materials have settled in the new building materials market, rental booth business, retail market share of the main share of the
floor. But I think the future of large customers will be 'professional customers', such as real estate developers, decoration companies, the retail market share will shrink, a large number of personalized products will be sold to second - hand housing households. Flooring business model will change. On the one hand, we have set up a large project department, responsible for approaching the 'developers' and so on, such as ordering more than 5,000 square meters of customers, can tailor their products for him. On the other hand, I predict that the number of stores in the market will be reduced, although last year the supermarket accounted for only 5% of the
macro sales share, but I believe that this share will rise sharply. At that time, we will be in such a big city in Beijing to open 3 to 5 product exhibition center or experience center, please consumers experience our products. Reporter: How will consumers buy psychology change? Li Wei: I believe that will not take ten years, consumers certainly better than now shopping, is 'you dare to sell, I dare to buy!' Now consumers are always worried about buying fake goods. With the progress of society, the legal system continues to improve, counterfeiters will be severely punished by the law, once the sale of goods problems will make enterprises pay a very high
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