their own brands, today you can see, find these spokesmen, mainly want to own Brand to do it. With the previous practice is not the same. I also chose a little better, not too big, but good faith to do small size to do. Operation for more than six months should be good or bad. Focus home network reporter: Please tell us about the operation of the letter Li Yang floor store mode, and Fujian Yuhang line Hangzhou is a large village model is similar? Li Jiwei: We do in Nanjing in the form and they are basically the same. We do is to Anrong Li Yang floor store (in the form of) appeared in the market, which has Anxin floor, Shanghai quality floor,
Changzhou good good floor, bathroom floor, outdoor flooring. 05 years we set up this store to this model appears in the market, 06 years of operation a year feeling still can. This year intends to continue to develop their own brand. Because only to do so in order to long-term development. Focus home network reporter: As a channel there are a lot of models, your model is one of them. In this industry have this view, that is, we have this professional model of the supermarket whether there is a lot of controversy prospects, do you think the flooring supermarket how this model prospects? Li Jiwei: It should be said that this model to build the
market is still good. At present, some brands are not suitable for doing this. But for me to see this model, that is, like Hangzhou, he is now basically out of the big village, he first in Hangzhou, and then to the surrounding city, opened a few big sellers. I went to visit, it should be, is recognized by the people, because you sell the quality is good, all varieties, not a single store to catch the variety, or the entire store which is not a single display of the show Monopoly point can do. In the future this channel is able to go out. Difficult is yes, but some manufacturers say you do not open the store I do not want you to do here, but we think of ways to
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