In the past, the Steel Frame House was viewed as less than when compared to traditional track homes. But with advances in building techniques and an intense need for better housing options, the industry is seeing a new boom in sales and increasing popularity.
The new prefab home is built with energy efficiency in mind. Those who want to take steps in the direction of going green have been happily surprised with what they have found when they look at prefabricated home designs built for tomorrow.
Granted computers have aided in many types of design work, as is true with the designs that comprise the newest and best ideas that are emerging in the Modular Home industry. But computers lack the ability to feel like humans do.
They lack the ability to match color and shape to a particular mood or element. Some would argue that these kinds of things are only a stones throw away from becoming something that computers will soon be capable of.
And if that is true, I feel it will be a sad day for mankind, losing who we are, what makes us unique, what keeps us driven, to computers. But at the moment computers can't do those kinds of things effectively. Computers can do a lot, but they will never be able to mimic the eye in relation to the heart and soul of person.
Like with many kinds of design that takes place in our modern world, modular homes have begun to incorporate the best the world has to offer not only in construction ideas and knowledge, but also in environmental control, ecological awareness, advanced electronics and computerized functionality, things that make home construction a personal affair.
One prefab home that was mentioned is the round house. Through design, the round house has less square footage in the exterior walls. For this reason alone, you've got an energy saver with a round home. A lot of the round home designs on the market today also feature ample windows, and many even feature a center sky light. This allows warmth to flow through the home and stay there. Steel Frame House -