time, large enterprises can also accelerate the development of high-tech content of new products to obtain a reasonable profit. Experts believe that enterprises and enterprises now more and more intense competition between products, enterprises want to do well,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/outdoor-furniture-composite-pergola.html]Outdoor Furniture Composite Pergola[/url] we must enhance the competitiveness and core competitiveness. Do the brand, in the current market situation, is the only way out of development. Foreign brands have poured into the Chinese market, and domestic enterprises to produce high-quality solid wood flooring, laminate flooring in the domestic market share is not large, although the current China's solid wood flooring and
laminate flooring market capacity is very exciting , But the quality really meet the international standards of solid wood and laminate flooring is only a small part of the internal and external problems, China's solid wood and laminate flooring business to survive and develop,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/why-choose-vinyl-fencing-for-outdoor.html]Why Choose Vinyl Fencing for Outdoor[/url] must take the road of brand development. Recently, following the large-scale "price war", "new war", the wood flooring industry and set off a considerable "service war", the well-known brands have played service card. Insiders pointed out that as more and more wood flooring brand to join the "service war", the wood flooring industry is expected to fight a service, fight quality-
oriented marketing a new era, ushered in a new round of industry competition and orderly development of. Lack of services into the wood flooring industry bottlenecks In recent years, in the real estate investment hot, China's construction and decoration industry is developing rapidly, wood flooring also will be rapid development. But because the product technology content is not high,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/vinyl-fence-make-a-great-choice.html]Vinyl Fence Make A Great Choice[/url] the investment is not high, the industry threshold is low, around the wood flooring production line into the sky, a single laminate flooring brand suddenly emerge thousands. Excessive expansion of the market led to disorderly competition between brands, "price war"
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